Your Age Shouldn't Affect Your Employment

Learn more about age discrimination law in Orange, CA

Age discrimination in the workplace is a serious matter. If you're over 40 and you feel you've been wrongfully treated or terminated because of your age, age discrimination law may cover your situation.

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What is age discrimination?

Age discrimination law is a subset of discrimination law that applies to the use of age as a determining factor for a variety of business practices. The Age Discrimination Act protects workers over the age of 40 from:

  • Being discharged for their age
  • Receiving less compensation because of their age
  • Having a limited benefits package due to their age

While the Age Discrimination Act applies to companies with at least 20 employees, California's Fair Employment and Housing Act applies to smaller employers. This act covers a broader range of discriminatory policies and states that it's illegal to use age as a deciding factor for hiring, firing or any business activity. If you have any questions about age discrimination in the workplace, call an attorney now.