Seeking Legal Representation as an "At-Will" Employee?

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Nearly all workers in California are "at-will" employees. At-will employees are free to quit their jobs at any time for any reason. There is no law, for example, that says a California employee must give two weeks' notice before quitting.

In California, at-will employees can also be fired or laid off by their employer at any time, for almost any reason. At-will also means that a California employer can change an employee's schedule, pay, or hours at any time, for almost any reason.

However, an employer in California who fires an at-will employee because she is a member of a Protected Class will be liable for Wrongful Termination and Discrimination under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. A California employer also cannot fire or Retaliate against an employee because he engaged in any one of hundreds of activities protected by the California Labor Code and other California employment laws.

Ultimately, the California "at will" rule also allows an employer to fire or lay off an employee for no reason at all. In practice, California employers usually refuse to give any reason at all when they fire an employee in order to protect themselves if they face lawsuits from those employees after termination.

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