Make Sure You Receive Fair Treatment

Get to know your disability rights in Orange, CA

The ADA defines a disability as any physical or mental impairment that limits your life. Disability rights include provisions for fair workplace opportunities. If you're limited by your workplace, you may be dealing with workplace disability discrimination.

Guha Law in Orange, CA represents clients affected by disability discrimination. Our attorney will work diligently to help you get the workplace accommodations you need.

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What can qualify as a reasonable accommodation

The Americans with Disabilities Act and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act both require employers to provide employees and job applicants with reasonable accommodations. Reasonable accommodations can include:

  • Relocating workspace
  • Providing medical leave
  • Changing job duties or shifts
  • Providing modified equipment
  • Altering job schedules or responsibilities

Your employer must find reasonable accommodations for your situation as part of your disability rights. Call an attorney today if you have any questions about your disability rights.