Sexual Harassment Has No Place in the Workplace

Talk to a harassment attorney in Orange, CA about your options

If you're dealing with inappropriate behavior at work, turn to a workplace harassment attorney at Guha Law. Our firm in Orange, California has years of experience representing clients like you. We'll help you build a strong, credible case that demonstrates why you're entitled to compensation.

You shouldn't have to put up with unjust treatment in the workplace. Talk to a harassment attorney about your case today.

3 examples of workplace harassment

There are a lot of different types of workplace harassment. Whether a colleague or a superior initiates it, you have a right to stand up for yourself in a legal capacity. Our harassment attorney will walk you through the process.

Workplace harassment can include...

  1. Repeated, unwanted sexual advances from a coworker or superior
  2. Insults, mockery or name-calling amongst colleagues
  3. Physical assault or the threat of physical assault

There's never an excuse for workplace harassment. The attorney at Guha Law will do everything he can to fight for your rights during this difficult process.

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