Support Your Family During This Time

File a lost wages claim with an attorney in Orange, CA

If an employer fires you on unjust grounds, you don't have to sit by and take it. By working with a lost wages attorney, you can pursue the compensation you deserve. Guha Law works with clients in Orange, California and the surrounding area, going above and beyond to help them fight for their rights.

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How can you stand up for yourself?

When you face injustices in the workplace, you have a right to pursue compensation. This compensation can help you support your family in times of need and make up for the stress and burden you carried throughout the process.

You can advocate for your rights by...

  • Filing an unpaid wages claim for time off work
  • Seeking damages after wrongful termination
  • Pursuing additional compensation for emotional burdens

Working with a skilled lost wages attorney will give you the best chance at success in court. Make an appointment with Guha Law today.