Expose Illegal Retaliation From an Employer

We'll take on your retaliation lawsuit in Orange, CA

It takes a lot of bravery to call out the improper or illegal actions of your employer. Unfortunately, this often leads to retaliation from a spiteful manager, president or CEO. If you believe you have been treated wrongly after confronting your employer, reach out to Guha Law.

We can help you navigate every step in your retaliation lawsuit. Our firm has years of experience helping clients fight for justice and defend their rights. You shouldn't be punished for a simple complaint.

Hire an employment attorney in Orange, CA if you need to file a retaliation lawsuit. Call today to schedule a consultation.

How to prove retaliation

It can be very complicated to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an employer unlawfully retaliated against you. In the eyes of the law, retaliation can only take place if...

  • An employee made a direct complaint about illegal activity or discrimination
  • An employer acted against the employee via termination, lowered rank or other disciplinary actions
  • The complaint was the primary reason for the action against the employee
Working with an employment attorney, you can defend your rights after retaliation. Email us now to craft your case.