Don't Ignore Workplace Sexual Harassment

Understand your rights when faced with harassment in Orange, CA

p>You have the right to work in a safe and discrimination-free environment. Any kind of sexual harassment or gender identity discrimination is a serious matter. Guha Law in Orange, CA can represent you if you’ve experienced workplace sexual harassment.

 Email an attorney today if you’ve experienced harassment or gender discrimination in the workplace.

Your rights for fighting gender discrimination

You have distinct rights for workplace sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the workplace. If you experience either of these situations:

  • You have a right to protest discrimination
  • You can file a grievance with a union representative
  • You can report discriminatory behavior to HR or a supervisor
  • Your employer cannot punish you for speaking out against discrimination
  • You have a right to speak out against discrimination to any coworker or supervisor

You also have the right to file a lawsuit against your employer, testify as a witness or participate in an investigation. For a more detailed description of your employee rights, call an attorney today.